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Manage your accounts on the command line

dollar and command line

As the years go by, the chil­dren grow up and the time comes for high­er ed­u­ca­tion (and as­so­ci­at­ed cost­s). This is an op­por­tu­ni­ty to take back con­trol of my per­son­al fi­nances a lit­tle more se­ri­ous­ly.

I tried gnu­cash that I have al­ready used a few years ago, but I met some dif­fi­cul­ties:

  • I had a lot of sta­­bil­i­­ty prob­lems (seg­­fault­­),

  • syn­chro­niza­­­tion with OFX files re­trieved from the bank re­quired far too many man­u­al ac­­tion­s.

Af­ter some re­search on the we­b, I de­cid­ed to try ledger-­cli and I think I have now adopt­ed it. My con­fig­u­ra­tion now al­lows:

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Another side project : the photo-mirror

Photo taken by a photo-mirror at La Scène

Ax­el, a long-­time friend, changed his pro­fes­sion­al ori­en­ta­tion a few years ago to launch “La Scène” in Aix-en-Provence. It is a fam­i­ly friend­ly place where you can spend a mo­ment af­ter work dur­ing the week, over a drink and some tapas. There are con­cert­s, the­atri­cal im­pro­vi­sa­tions and much more, as La Scène is in­tend­ed to be a place for artis­tic events and much more.

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Straws without plastic!

A straw in a glass

The last straw!

We know it, we re­peat it: “Plas­tic is a plague for the plan­et!” Straws are an ex­am­ple of a dis­pos­able man­u­fac­tured prod­uct that has in­vad­ed our so­ci­ety. You prob­a­bly know that if you have chil­dren who for the most part love to use straws.

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Mounting a headlight on a MATE electric bicycle

An electric folding MATE bicycle

A lit­tle bit on the spur of the mo­men­t, I took part in a crowd fund­ing for an elec­tric fold­ing bike MATE. The fund­ing was a suc­cess as they raised over $6 mil­lion, more than 40 times the min­i­mum amount re­quired to launch the projec­t.

I fi­nal­ly got this bike last month. My im­pres­sions are mixed and I’ll tell you a bit about it af­ter­ward­s, but in the mean­time, want­ing to use it to take the bus in the morn­ing when it’s still dark, I had to find a light­ing so­lu­tion.

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Use Nikola/GAE on android device

Some time ago I dis­cov­ered Ter­mux this cool An­droid app that al­lows you to find a good part of your lin­ux en­vi­ron­ment on your phone or tablet.

It has helped me more than once to make a quick change on the move, save it un­der git or mer­cu­ri­al be­fore push­ing it to­wards con­tin­u­ous in­te­gra­tion. Since I’ve mi­grat­ed this blog un­der Niko­la I was think­ing it would be con­ve­nient to be able to work on blog posts on the move, to pre­view them in a brows­er and to de­ploy the whole blog on GAE, ev­ery­thing from a phone.

It ac­tu­al­ly works pret­ty well.

editing this blog under termux

Screen­shot of edit­ing this blog on an­droid with ter­mux.

Here are the steps to fol­low:

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One of my side project: bback.me

image du logo de rendre.fr

It’s been a few months since one of my per­son­al projects get on­line. Name­ly, http­s://b­back­.me, a ser­vice to help you find your lost items with the help of peo­ple!

This ser­vice is based on the ob­ser­va­tion that most peo­ple are will­ing to re­turn a found ob­ject to its own­er, if on­ly they would be able to con­tact him. Thus, the num­ber of posts on so­cial net­works about peo­ple hav­ing found lost items and seek­ing for their own­er.

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Street photos — « Carnaval de La-Tour-d’Aigues »

I fi­nal­ly de­cid­ed to pub­lish some of my pho­to­s.

As I need to sort a lot of them, I start­ed with those al­ready on­line and which, be­ing tak­en while a pub­lic even­t, are pub­lish­able with­out ask­ing too many ques­tions …

Album du carnaval 2011 de la Tour-d'Aigues

These pho­tos are pub­lished un­der the cc-by-sa li­cense, which al­lows them to be reused pro­vid­ed they are at­trib­uted to my­self and that any re­dis­tri­bu­tion be­ing done un­der the same li­cence. I em­p­hazise this be­cause I had the great plea­sure to find these pho­tos in the mu­nic­i­pal­i­ty news­pa­per, un­for­tu­nate­ly with­out any ref­er­ence to the source of the pho­to­s…

Easy footnotes on blogger

Have you ever wanted to simplify the use of footnotes on blogger ? With the help of BrandSpankingNew blog I managed to set up a not so complicated solution. Of course you still have to do some sort of HTML, but is limited to putting a <s­pan class=”­foot­note”>  </s­panaround each foot­note text in the HTML ed­i­tor.

Here after you’ll see how to set up your blog, and the minimal template needed for each new blog post.


Change your blog layout so as to add an HTML/Javascript gadget at the beginning of your page. You will call it footnote and past the following code in it:
styling for foot­notes be­­gins here
/* foot­notes as they orig­i­­nal ap­­pear in­­­line, be­­fore re­­for­­mat­t­ing */
#con­­tent span.­­foot­note {
col­or: #f30;
/* foot­note links in text */
#con­­tent a.ftnlink {
ver­ti­­cal-align: su­per;
font-­­size: 0.8em;
/* div to hold all re­­for­­mat­t­ed foot­notes */
.foot­note­hold­er {
bor­der-left: 1px sol­id #c­c­c;
margin: 20px 0 50px 0;
padding: 20px 10px;
font-­­size: 0.8em;
line-height: 1.2em;
/* div to hold sin­­gle re­­for­­mat­t­ed foot­note */
.foot­note­hold­er di­v.­­foot­note {
margin: 0 0 10px 0;

<script type­­=’­­tex­t/­­javascrip­t’>

// ======================================================================
// for­­mat­­Foot­notes
// pro­­jec­t: css / javascript foot­notes
// au­thor: Tim­o­thy Groves desk [at] brandspank­ingnew.net
// ver­­sion: 1.0
// lan­guage: javascript
// re­quires: noth­ing
// test­ed on: Sa­­fari 2.0 Mac / FF 1.5 Mac / Opera 9 Mac
// his­­to­ry: 26.01.2006 - cre­at­ed
// ======================================================================
var ar­ti­cles = 0;

func­­tion for­­mat­­Foot­notes(­­con­tID,noteI­D)
// check for DOM ca­­pa­­bil­i­ties
if (!­­doc­u­­men­t.getEle­­men­t­ById)
re­­turn false;

var cont = doc­u­­men­t.getEle­­men­t­ById(­­con­tID);
var note­hold­er = doc­u­­men­t.getEle­­men­t­ById(noteI­D);
var spans = con­t.getEle­­ments­By­­Tag­­Name(“s­­pan”);

var notes = 0;

for (i=0;i<s­­pan­s.length­­;i++)
if (s­­pan­s[i].­­class­­Name == “foot­note”)

// get con­­tent of span
var noteN­ode = span­s[i].­­clo­­neN­ode( true );

// re­­move css styling
noteN­ode.­­class­­Name = “”;

// cre­ate a new div to hold the foot­note
var newEle = doc­u­­men­t.cre­a­teEle­­men­t( “di­v” );

newEle.ap­pend­Child( doc­u­­men­t.cre­ate­­TextN­ode( notes + “. ” ) );
newEle.ap­pend­Child( noteN­ode );

// add back­­link
blink = doc­u­­men­t.cre­a­teEle­­men­t(“a”);
blink.href = “#ftnlink”+ar­ti­­cles+”_”+notes;
blink.ap­pend­Child( doc­u­­men­t.cre­ate­­TextN­ode( ” [back­­]” ) );
newEle.ap­pend­Child( blink );

note­hold­er.ap­pend­Child( newEle );

// add id & style
note­hold­er.lastChild.id = “ft­n”+ar­ti­­cles+”_”+notes;
note­hold­er.lastChild.­­class­­Name = “foot­note”;

// in­­sert link in­­­to span
var newEle = doc­u­­men­t.cre­a­teEle­­men­t( “a” );
newEle.href = “#”+noteI­D;
newEle.ti­­tle = “show foot­note”;
newEle.id = “ftnlink”+ar­ti­­cles+”_”+notes;
newEle.­­class­­Name = “ftnlink”;

newEle.ap­pend­Child( doc­u­men­t.cre­ate­TextN­ode( notes ) );

// em­p­­ty span
while (s­­pan­s[i].childNodes.length)
span­s[i].re­­moveChild( span­s[i].­­firstChild );
var su­per = doc­u­­men­t.cre­a­teEle­­men­t( “sup” );
span­s[i].ap­pend­Child( su­per );


Create a new blog post, with the following content:
<div id=”ar­ti­­cle­­foot­note”>
Some texte <s­­pan class=”­­foot­note”>with a foot­note</s­­pan> and some oth­­er text (ar­ti­­cle should be in the di­v).

<div class=”­­foot­note­hold­er” id=”ar­ti­­clenotes”></­di­v>
<script type­­=”­­tex­t/­­javascrip­t”>

It will be displayed as follow :
Some texte with a foot­note and some oth­er text (ar­ti­cle should be in the di­v).